Available via SpeedoWax on vinyl in April 2013!


released March 4, 2012

All songs by FLEX.

Recorded by Erol Ulug in February 2012.



all rights reserved


FLEX Los Angeles, California

Flex is a hardcore band from South Bay area of Los Angeles, CA. Contact us at flexsbhc@gmail.com for shows. Check out our other band, LifeSupport - lifesupport310.bandcamp.com

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Track Name: Void
we’re ceasing to exist
our work has gone to shit
cause no one gives a fuck
about what were trying to build
but who am I to judge
what the fuck do I know,
I’m just some fucking kid
I still got something to prove

Whatever happened to
doing it all yourself
it seems like everyone is
just trying to make a bill
those empty promises
you said you would fulfill
refusing to give back
what filled the void for you

Fuck who you are outside
in here were all the same
we stand on level ground
keep it alive with me
Track Name: Los Angeles
You’ll never grasp
you never understand
this day to day isn’t what I had planned
the problems the struggles the dangers of living
in this fucking city have kept me from leaving
I’m trying to gather the reasons behind
why we cant exist without becoming blind
to all of the shit that is dragging us down
I’m raising my voice so it wont be drowned out.

We are the only way this place will ever fucking change
never be the same cause we resemble the future of what we’ve been given don’t take it for granted some people would kill for this.
Track Name: Diagnosis
This is my diagnosis
no one will ever notice
my bad articulation
internal self reflection
these difficult sensations
cause my Dementia.

Lack of sleep
no will to eat
get out of bed
fulfill my needs
but I still wake up every day
I feel the sun against my skin
and everything is better
than it was yesterday.
Track Name: Don't Forget
Don't forget how you grew up
Don't forget the way you learned
Don't forget to kill the trend
Don't forget your fucking roots.

You didn’t get here just because
something like a fucking spark
inside your head inside your heart
something stuck right from the start.
Track Name: Death Bed
Are you oblivious?
Or are you just fucking blind?
You’ll never know what it feels like
to be left in the dark
without an explanation
while you pretend to know why.

I fail to turn
to your escape from the truth
the books you’ve read
make it so simple to choose
a life predestined
cast down for you to follow
of course there’d never
be guilt for you to swallow.

I am running out of patience.
On your death bed who will save you?

I don’t want your explanations I just want to know the truth
Track Name: Flexed Youth
We’re sticking to the message
forget the fucking fame
we may not fit the mold for this
but we are not ashamed
if you’re all about the fashion
then we’re shit out of luck
even if we look like geeks
who are you to fucking judge.

Call us what you will
we dont give a fuck
we’d rather speak the fucking truth
than be something we’re not
tell us what you think of us
give it to us straight
you can call us hypocrites
if it’ll keep you sane.

Our predecessors made us think
its up to us to act
hardcore pride is what we feel
so take this as our fucking pact
cause even if you wont take part
we’ll carry this inside our hearts
we’ve flexed our heads
we’ll make our mark.
Track Name: Losing Control
Losing control, I’ve got nothing left to live for
Is it cause I’m stuck at home?
Or is it cause I feel alone?
I’ve got one too many knives in my back
So many that I’m losing track
I can feel the cold
begin to overshadow
my will to stay in line
my drive to survive
but its these flesh wounds
that are keeping me alive
so thanks for living up
to all your fucking lies.

Thanks for the scars you gave me
Thanks for the lies you fed me
Thanks for the scars you gave me
I wont forget them easily